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The Team


Alfredo Ferreyra’s journey in Diagnostic Medical Sonography began at the age of 15 when he was rushed to the emergency department for abdominal pain. Although he could not interpret ultrasound at the time, he found it really fascinating.  Alfredo earned his associate degree in Cardiovascular Technologist. After graduating, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography in 1998. He learned Echocardiography during his Clinical rotation at Memorial Hospital Pembroke where he worked for 2 years. Alfredo started working at the Weston Cleveland clinic in 2001 in which he became proficient in Sonography and interventional procedures. He became the Director of the Ultrasound Department and accomplish the ACR accreditation for the Ultrasound Department. Alfredo was the sonographer in the clinical research study for cervical lymphadenopathy and a member of the liver and kidney transplant team at the Cleveland Clinic. Alfredo moved to Queensland Australia in 2013 where he became versed in Musculoskeletal Sonography examinations and MSK-guided needle Injections. He returned to the United States in 2016 practicing and specializing in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound. His passion for musculoskeletal sonography and regenerative medicine has inspired him to open his own company MSKORTHO to teach Physicians and other providers Musculoskeletal sonography to achieve accurate results for the patient and physician.

Alfredo Ferreyra RDMS RMSKS ASAR

MSKortho Founder and CEO


Regentx Medical Founder and CEO , and has been assisting physicians in the field of regenerative medicine for over a decade.
The RegenTx mission is to emphasize the relevant objective science in the field of regenerative medicine, and illuminate the abundance of data and studies pointing to efficacy, and the protocols and requirements necessary to duplicate the results in successful treatments. RegenTx works with over 200 physicians across the United States; some of whom are the most noted, knowledgable, and experienced in the regenerative medicine field. Through this network, outcome tracking and feedback on protocols, the company has developed a great understanding and respect for “doing things right”. With far too much attention being paid to marketing material hype, pseudo science and misinformation being proliferated by companies out to make a quick buck, RegenTx primary focus is validating current technologies objectively, sharing the results with practitioners, while also helping them stay completely informed in order to be compliant with FDA guidelines.

Joel Suraci  Orthobiologics Expert

Regentxmedical Founder and CEO

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